• Boca Raton, Fl.

    Boca Raton, Fl.

    Classic Floridian Home Renovation

  • Canton, Mass.

    Canton, Mass.

    Custom Built French Provincial Home

  • Wellesley, Mass.

    Wellesley, Mass.

    English Tudor Expansion & Renovation

  • Weston, Mass.

    Weston, Mass.

    Custom Built Colonial Home

  • Newton, Mass.

    Newton, Mass.

    1882 Carriage House Rear Expansion

  • Dedham, Mass.

    Dedham, Mass.

    Custom Built Mediterranean Home

  • Newton, Mass.

    Newton, Mass.

    Southern Colonial Expansion & Renovation

  • Melrose, Mass.

    Melrose, Mass.

    Early American Colonial Expansion & Renovation

  • Newton, Mass.

    Newton, Mass.

    Brick Colonial Expansion & Renovation

For over 30 years we've designed and built the dream homes of homeowners throughout the Greater Boston Area

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What Can Metro Do For You?

If you’re here, you are considering building or renovating a living space for yourself or your family. This process should be exciting for you, but more often than not it becomes more time-consuming and frustrating than it needs to be. Good experiences can be the exception, not the norm. The typical experience awaiting you is something like this:

After making several attempts to reach “the other guys”, they finally give you a random estimate.  They’ll show up at your job site, plug in a few power saws and punch a few holes in some walls. Months or even a couple of years later, you are in your new space…not on time and probably not on budget, but you can finally unpack. By the end of the process, you’re so frustrated it makes it difficult to enjoy the finished product.


What We’re About

I’m Paul Wilkes, owner and founder of Metro Building Corp. I started out in this business at a young age, guided by elder family members, wielding a hammer rebuilding Boston’s crumbling South End.  After starting this company in 1979, I took the values I learned from my mentors: communication, guidance and commitment and built the foundation of a company dedicated to building YOU something that you can enjoy.  What we do is a perfect balance of uncompromising quality of construction, attention to detail, and coaching…taking the headaches away from you, and making this process fun. Our communication with you throughout the course of the project is second to none. As a responsible father and business man, I am keenly aware of  the importance of your home and your finances.  Myself and my team will offer guidance to you on important decisions that need to be made during the life of your project always keeping an eye on your budget. We are committed to providing a level of service that is seldom experienced by homeowners today, completing your project on time and on budget. I believe that amazing experiences and service should be the norm, not the exception.

  • Over 30 years in business.
  • Over 500 successful projects.
  • Hundreds of delighted homeowners, designers & architects.
  • Add it all up…you end up with one awesome finished product.

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