Advice from our Designer

Advice from our Designer

We’ll make it easy for you…

Dear Homeowner,

When you start thinking about adding to your home, remodeling it, or perhaps building a new custom home to fit your daily needs and your personal life, you will come across many questions that need to be answered.  You may start wondering:

  • what to do?!
  • what not to do
  • and how much is good enough or overdone
  • all while trying to juggle the finances of such a project.

We are here to help you sort through this whole process and make it as pleasurable as possible while applying the ideas that you may have in mind.  Often times we offer guidance to cover the bases you may not even think of in the beginning.  Here’s a thought:  interested in adding on two feet to your kitchen?  Should be simple enough, right?  Within your floors, walls and ceilings are pipes, wiring, and insulation. On the surface of your floors, walls and ceilings are blueboard, plaster, finish woodwork, flooring, painting, etc. Not to mention you have to frame for those floors, walls and ceilings. If you extend beyond the footprint of your home, what about the foundation? Thinking in terms of cubic feet, not just lineal, puts a whole different perspective on the project budget.

Beyond this guidance, we also offer valuable assistance to you in terms of choosing the best items for your dream home or renovation project.  We work with carefully chosen suppliers to ensure you make the best product selection.

We here at Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. are ready and pleased to work with you hand in hand and side by side to help you reach your dream home with full satisfaction. A successful construction project starts with a good plan and that plan includes professionals that will execute the construction process efficiently, while making this process as enjoyable, successful and stress-free as possible!

Let’s Dream…