Building Expansions/Renovations

Building Expansions/Renovations

What to think about:

For those who have the resources and wish to expand to your existing home or remodel the house:

Growing family, love their home and want to shape it as the needs of their family grow…or to update it as tastes evolve.

As with any investment you need to be mindful of what you are spending it on, what the return will be, etc.

Mindful of overbuilding

Love the area, neighborhood, town…see potential in a small home in a big lot and want to make it your own.

What we do:

Work with you to deconstruct the existing structure and reshape it to suit your vision.  If the home is completed updated, we’ll work with you in evolving the structure to meet your tastes and modern efficiencies.

(Use Wellesley home photos)

Structural issues in the house…use the opportunity to add a wing or addition on to the home

Containment of the work – driving costs up…keep the cost centralized to one area, if other areas begin to creep in as part of the job, the costs skyrocket.


  • Structural modifications may be needed for remodeling project (more expense)
  • Adding space:  lot size, set back issues
  • Effected abutting areas within building increasing remodeling costs
  • Doors & Windows expense also patio doors upper end cost
  • Age of existing exterior components account for replacement
  • Advantage out vs. up