The Common Mistake Made by Homeowners

The Common Mistake Made by Homeowners

Developing Drawings Before Speaking with a Builder

Building or creating your ideal space is very exciting, but its incredibly important to remain grounded while you dream of this new creation. Often times homeowners will make the mistake of going directly to an independent architect to develop a beautiful and costly set of drawings to put out for a competitive bid. Soon these homeowners discover however that the construction costs are 15/25/even perhaps 35% higher than what they initially hoped for, not to mention the further expense for the architect to modify those drawings so the project becomes affordable.


How is Metro different?

What company do you think has a greater knowledge and insight about your project before and during its building phase?   The company who only provides you a competitive bid based on drawings provided by an independent design person? Or the company who provides an accurate cost estimate based upon thorough research, value engineering and extensive design criteria…and who builds it? The latter of course.

Because of a single entity controlling all aspects of your project, complex design problems are solved quickly and efficiently through the integration of the designer and builder. Why? Because we, the builder can validate what is being designed can in fact be built for the proposed initial budget. This is the most intelligent, efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering your project on time and especially on budget.

In our 30 years of experience we have created a unique system that is designed to deliver your project on time and on budget and ensure that both of these items remain at the forefront of the job from start to finish. We call this our Signature Metro Building System™.

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