Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

(+/-) Q: How long will this take!!?

A: The complexity of the job and the scope of the work will determine the project.  Every job is unique, so timelines can vary depending on what your needs are.  Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. strives to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible, but without sacrificing quality.

(+/-) Q: How much will this cost?

A: As with anything, costs can vary widely depending on if we are doing a renovation for you, an addition or an even grander scale project, such as a new home construction.  Metro is known for intelligent design and many of our happy customers have been thrilled when we substitute materials for more durable, longer lasting options that still give the look and feel of more expensive ones.

(+/-) Q: How will construction affect our daily lives?

A: Let’s face it, the two most important rooms of a home are the bathroom and kitchen, the two most commonly renovated and remodeled rooms.  Once work begins on these areas, it can be very chaotic to your daily routine.  The size, complexity and construction process can be prohibitive at times, especially with multiple tasks by different tradesmen being performed simultanesouly in these areas.  Depending on the project, we may recommend that alternative living arrangements be made while the work is done.  We base our reputation on any project being done efficiently.

(+/-) Q: What is this Signature Metro Building System™ I’ve been hearing about? It sounds complicated…

A: Quite the opposite actually!  The design/build concept is a old tried and true construction methodology in which we partner with the homeowner from the very beginning to lay out a true and honest budget and work with our designers and team to build according to those outlines. Click here to read more about our Signature Metro Building System™.