Company History

Company History

...a chronology of success.


Metropolitan Home Improvements founded offering basic home exterior needs.


Won the National Pathfinder Award with Bird & Sons Building Products for a complete exterior makeover of church in  Boston, MA.


Entered the commercial market performing exterior renovations on residential housing for Massport.


Expanded portfolio of offerings to include kitchen & bath remodeling and small additions.


Performed extensive exterior renovations including light interior remodeling on multi-unit housing developments for Chelsea Housing Authority, Lynn Housing Authority, and Suffolk Construction in Boston.


Expanded into the condominium property market performing complete exterior makeovers on properties throughout Eastern Massachusetts.


Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. Incorporated.


Expanded relationships with architects, construction designers and real estate investors, developing larger scale expansions, total home renovations and new construction projects.

Since 2005:

Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. has been cultivating and developing projects throughout Eastern Massachusetts.  Changing  our concept to develop quality, unique upscale homes to the owners fondest wishes.  Through innovation and change, Metropolitan Building Systems Corp has always been based with a clear emphasis on communication, guidance, and commitmen t as well as continuing to service the project once it has been completed.  Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. has further diversified by crossing over to real estate development with an eye to the future of the industry.