Kitchens and Baths

Kitchens and Baths

What to think about:

Driving factor: cabinetry, countertops and applicances…contain so much of your costs by choosing wisely or the costs can quickly get out of hand.  From a design standpoint, a contemporary design is less costly than more traditional or period designs.

Lighting: very underestimated category, often overlooked.  Has a cost…proper lighting is important, consistent lighting.

Containing the work: blending in with existing look and feel of the renovation to contain the cost.

If long term you intend on updating the cost, setting the look and feel for your kitchen and bath

Bathroom: size comes into play…what to use: tile, grantie, stone slabs instead of individual ceramic, porceilian or marble…stone slabs are more costly.  Frameless showers versus framed showers (frameless is more costly).  Plumbing fixtures (big cost driver).  Square foot basis compared to a kitchen, you spend more on a bathroom than a kitchen.  Size of space versus work space…productivity can only be as such…limited space.  Sequential.  Radiant heating (water based system)…efficient, but costly to install.

Bathroom remodels: logistics of doing it in a working household, where is it located?  Second floor bathroom.  Protective coverings…time consumption and disruption to household.

Plumbing logistics through the floor levels, problematic plumbing affecting other areas…undiscovered problems from other areas impacting the overall plumbing, especially in older homes.

Expand bathroom size if you have an oversized bedroom or unused space.

What we do:

Strong emphasis on containing costs, pulling the reigns in, advising accordingly…guidance on choices

Unquestionable quality

Commitment to the home owner…these are important living spaces for a family

Standard cabinetry selections to customer cabinet design (Cliff Road & Montvale)


  • Cabinetry and Tops (painted or stained)
  • Design of cabinetry and species
  • Layout of Kitchen: incorporate into construction design of the overall new space
  • Painted or stained cabinetry
  • Construction of cabinet boxes and door panels
  • Hardware components: pull outs and sectional
  • Associated molding and trim details