Midvale Road #2, West Roxbury, MA


Basement Renovation

Midvale Road, West Roxbury

Project Journal:

This is the story of John and Carol, who simply needed more space for their growing family of three children for their Midvale Road home in West Roxbury. Working with Metro’s team, the solution was to finish their existing basement and add to their overall living space and create a more open floor plan. Read more about Metro’s evolution of the project and the experience of homeowner’s just like yourself below.

“…the original basement was completely unusable as it wasn’t finished and didn’t lend itself to an open floor plan. Utilizing the existing area was the most cost effective means of expansion without expanding the building.”  – Paul Wilkes

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Scope of Project:

  • Renovation of the complete basement area
  • Floor plan modifications combining the main basement and side extension into an open concept
  • Original 4′ rear entrance without stairs was completely modified making it more practical for everyday use
  • Reconstructed the basement stairs
  • Laundry space
  • 1/2 bath
  • Added a new HVAC system and relocated it in the basement to allow for a better, more open floor plan
  • Added engineered hardwood flooring
  • Ample storage cabinets added
  • Replaced basement windows
  • Contemporary lighting throughout

Project Gallery: