Midvale Road, West Roxbury, MA


Dutch Colonial Renovation & Expansion

Midvale Road, West Roxbury

Project Journal:

This is the story of Catherine and Suzanne, first time East Coast home owners and their experience with Metropolitan Building Systems Corp.

Located in the suburban Midvale Road neighborhood of West Roxbury, this charming Dutch Colonial home was lovingly expanded and finished by Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. This first home in Boston for Suzanne and Catherine, after relocating from the West Coast started with a simple finishing of the basement and later turned a 3rd floor attic space into a dreamy master bedroom suite. Read more about Metro’s evolution of the project and the experience of local homeowners below.


“…the finishes upstairs really came out quite well.  Detail work in the production and blending to the original structure was incredible.”  – Paul Wilkes

Scope of Project:

  • Interior renovated and updated to blend seamlessly into existing space.
  • Completely finished basement including walk-in laundry room and additional finished storage space.
  • Altered second floor common hallway to allow for new third floor access.
  • Dormered master bedroom suite with walk-in closet.
  • Stunning Master Bathroom including custom built cherry double vanity.
  • Master bathroom whirlpool tub with marble decking and custom made raised cherry panels.
  • Installed central air system.

The Story:

Catherine and Suzanne relocated to the Boston area from the West Coast and their search for a new home led them to realtor Paul Cottone of the Cottone Company.  Paul Wilkes and the Metro team had handled Paul Cottone’s personal residence and when Suzanne and Catherine asked him to recommend a builder for their home improvement projects, Paul immediately thought of Paul Wilkes and Metro.

Rear of the building expanded

Metro Asked the Questions

Early in the summer of 2009 Paul Wilkes and his team began discussions for the renovation needed in the basement and then adding a third floor to the structure.  “Right from the start I was impressed by how honest and likeable Paul was.”  Suzanne related.  “He didn’t walk in like he knew what we should do, he actually sat and listened…really listened to what we were looking for and then advised us on our options based on the budget we laid out.

Beautiful trim work and details near the stairway to the new 3rd floor

Finishing the Basement

Suzanne and Catherine were interested in finishing the basement and adding in storage space and a laundry room.  “It wasn’t a huge project, but one that we really wanted.”  Suzanne said.  Towards the end of the summer, Suzanne and Catherine made their decision to expand the third floor attic into a living space, adding on to the structure and building a master bedroom suite with walk-in closets as well as an elegant Master Bathroom.  Paul Wilkes and the Metro team immediately filed for the necessary permits to remove the roof and begin the construction work.  However, the wheels to get approval turned quite slowly.

The new 3rd floor bedroom and new bathroom

Construction Begins

Finally in March of 2010 the necessary permits came through and the Metro team pulled off the roof and made the necessary changes to the superstructure to allow for the dormered third floor and windows.  “Paul really has such a great group of people…they were wonderful, really professional and very polite.”  A central air conditioning system was added on halfway through the project that really added to the modern sense to the home.  A stunning bathroom was completed with a standing shower, Jacuzzi tub and both Suzanne and Catherine were pleased about the detailing and customization work performed to the double vanity and the whirlpool tub deck.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Suzanne commented, “we were very happy with the project.  Paul’s integrity and ethics overshadowed everything.  He was very respectful and patient…anytime we had questions he would sit and explain things.  He even helped us make the decision as to which windows to go with and why.  He let us know where we could afford to cut corners and where we needed to spend to get our return on investment.”

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