Quality Over Price

Quality Over Price

Countering the Battle of the Bids:

Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. is committed to the quality and longevity of any construction we do for you and the generations of you to come.  Sometimes our clients when making such a large decision will do some comparisons prior to making a commitment to us and uncover a variety of building companies and options.  While we cannot speak for the history, expertise and quality of competitive companies, we can speak to our own.

Often times homeowners are completely unaware of the reasons for differences in bid amounts and how to track them. This issue is easily identified within the scope of work outlined and written by the contractor.  Moreover, a competitive bid process is seldom useful for a homeowner who is looking for the best value and return on their investment.

Things to consider for a  low bidding competitor handling your project:

  • Lack of in-depth research with regards to cost estimating the design.
  • Low bidders realize the lack of sufficient project capital during the midpoint, hence they begin another project for this much needed  cash infusion so they may complete the original project.  The alternative is to walk away and begin another.
  • Many cost overruns associated with a lack of adequate pricing resulting in extra charges to the homeowner and could easily amount to other higher cost estimates.
  • A lower price often times means disposable labor, often times insufficiently skilled.
  • Choosing a low bid with a significant price discrepancy may lead to disaster.

What a higher bid may mean to you in the long term:

  • Higher levels of service and job site management, communication and ultimately the quality of the merchandise and workmanship.
  • Pricing affects product selection.
  • Higher pricing and parameters for your project mean for a much wider range of selection on the various components and nature of your project.
  • An extended warranty and inspection plan on your project and home.
  • A keen eye and attention to details.
  • Proactive construction advice.
  • Greater resources and assistance being available to you at all times on any decision, product or concern you may have.
  • The goal of higher end contractors is to give you a project that is going to satisfy as many of your requirements as possible, at a cost for your investment that you are willing to spend….providing you with greater value for your project.