Our Signature Metro Building System™

Our Signature Metro Building System™

A fool-proof method assuring your project will end on time and one budget

Our Signature Metro Building System™ is, in essence, a project delivery system using one entity/contractor/designer from initial concept through completion. In plain English, the contractor works directly with a designer and a homeowner during the design process. The entire project delivery system is streamlined and ultimately reduces the time to complete your project. The result? A system guaranteed to deliver your project on time and on budget.


How this System Works For You…

A major component and asset in our system is the ability to define, design and ultimately cost  engineer the entire project on paper first, providing you with an accurate cost estimate.  By virtue of our expertise and knowledge of building, we can recommend one design variable over another to achieve your finished product with our designer.

During Phase 1: the Discovery, we interview you to get a true feeling of your expectations and needs that goes beyond a floorplan and also addresses your lifestyle demands. We then study design alternatives, some of which you may not have considered, which allows you to choose a design which meets your needs in a more cost-efficient manner.  By keeping abreast of the latest construction technologies and materials, Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. can recommend specific construction methods and systems in order to   maintain budget control for the project.

Because of a single entity controlling all aspects of your project, complex design problems are solved quickly and efficiently through the integration of the designer and builder. Why? Because the builder can validate what is being designed can in fact be built for the proposed initial budget. This is the most intelligent, efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering your project on time and especially on budget.


How is our System Unique?

Compare this approach to a typical bid process where an independant architect hired by you will produce a set of drawings that simply is too costly to build. The result? You, the homeowner have absorbed the cost for the drawings only to find out that construction costs are 15/25/even perhaps 35% higher than what you initially hoped for, not to mention the further expenses to modify those drawings so your project becomes affordable.


Your Piece of the Puzzle…

Our Signature Metro Building Systemonly works with you in it. Remember, that a critical component of this system is that you as a homeowner really think about what it is your needs are for the space and also to establish a realistic budget and then we do the rest.  Think carefully, take your time and weigh out what you want your dream home to look like. Then realistically, how much you can budget to bring it to life.

To make your dream a reality, a partnership dedicated to this mission is created with you, focused keenly on efficiency and adhering to the budget you determine.  Successful collaboration as a team is critical to maintain control over timelines and results.  This is the essence of the Metro Building System.