How Our System Works

How Our System Works

Ensuring Your Project is Completed On Time and On Budget

Our Signature Metro Building System

Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. is more than just our name, it is also the process by which we move your project through our proven system for the most efficient, cost-effective and expeditious way possible. Our Signature Metro Building System™ operates on a simple principle: a turnkey system build on communication, guidance and commitment. We do it all for you, from sourcing your designer to building your project based on your budget. The system keeps you involved in every step.  It truly is a collaborative effort!

Our system of integrating you with our designer and ourselves as the contractor can surpass your needs and ultimately increase your satisfaction while maintaining critical control of the entire project from the start of the discovery phase.


The system is 4 phases:

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Communication: From day one, the Metro team will incorporate you into each step of the process and always takes time to answer each and every question you may have.  First, we will work with you to assess your needs in depth. We discover your goals, dreams and ideas for the property…what you’d like to achieve. We really listen and draw out of you the intangibles you want to make tangible in the creation of what we call your “ideal space”. This “ideal space” for any homeowner is the space that suits you, your family, your lifestyle and esthetic taste. Additionally we’ll work with you to allocate and begin crafting a budget for your project
  • Once this step has  been completed and a clear understanding has been established about the scope of your project, including an identifiable budget, only then will we proceed forward into Phase 2 of our Signature Metro Building System™.

Phase 2: Design

  • Guidance: We’ll evaluate your ideas and begin to guide you on the variety of options for your “ideal space”, from floor plan options to the roof that’s overhead. Additionally we may suggest modifications to your existing structure to make better use of it and perhaps gain additional space relative to the addition and incorporating into one seamless “ideal space”.
  • The Metro team will be there during the design & creation especially to not only deliver superior results, but guide you effortlessly through your project with minimal stress and confusion.
  • The project leader and Paul Wilkes will present you the schematics of your “ideal space” to show you how the new inside & outside of your home will appear and answer any and all questions you may have.

Phase 3: Creation

  • Commitment: The big moment arrives when ground is broken and your project is underway. You can expect direct and regular contact between you,the project leader and Paul Wilkes, who will alway be there to addresses any questions and concerns. Additionally we give you updates on daily progress…and we pride ourselves on our directness and prompt response to any message. From the moment the ground breaks you have our 100% commitment to seeing your project through, completed on time and on budget.

Phase 4: Unveiling

  • Lastly, your “ideal space” is delivered to you. When we hand over the keys to you and unveil your new space, you can expect our Commitment to continue beyond the project delivery date. Our integrity and dedication to our clients is the very cornerstone of our business and of our success.  Generation to generation, project to project…many of our clients become part of an extended family of satisfied homeowners.  From our superior level of customer service on a daily basis to our craftsmanship via our Metro Ironclad Guarantee…whatever it takes, we never forget our promise to deliver.