Our Team

Our Team

Paul Wilkes: Owner & CEO

Paul’s career began quite humbly at a young age working with family for the Boston Redevelopment Association, whose primary function at the time was the restoration of Boston’s crumbling South End. Feeling a calling to build, he worked when he could through the summers and then into full time carpentry post graduation. In 1979, Paul begun to fulfill his dream of opening his own business by opening Metropolitan Home Improvement. Inspired by elders as a boy and the love of the industry, his passion not only for superior craftsman but his honesty and integrity allowed Metropolitan Building Systems Corp. to flourish…not running a single ad since 1986! The dramatic transformation of a dilapidated Massachusetts church into a striking landmark earned Metro the National Pathfinder of the Year Award. This prize recognizes the year’s best example of exterior design and installation excellence. “I really love what I do…I can’t imagine I’d want to do anything else…you keep the faith, work hard, weather the storms…and you build. You work it.”

Joe Norton: Lead Builder

Joe graduated from Weymouth Vocational High School in 1982 with a diploma in metal technology and worked full time as welder and fabricator for 15 years. In 1997 Joe began working part time, diversifying into all fields of construction, from laboring to carpentry with Scott Condo, a local builder. Scott immediately recognized Joe’s talent and offered him full time placement in 1998 and they enjoyed working together until 2000 when Scott passed away unexpectedly. Paul Wilkes and Scott’s team had collaborated on many successful condominium projects since the mid 90’s and Paul welcomed Joe into the Metro team shortly thereafter. Paul recognized Joe as being production oriented, focused and logically minded. Joe graduated in 2004 from the Construction Certification Institute, Inc. adding to his list of accomplishments. Described as a passionate early-riser by his fellow builders, Joe’s talent and intellect earned him a Construction Supervisor License from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2005.

Kenneth Vigue: Marketing

Starting with a prominent beauty supply and consultation company in 1999, Ken grew from a customer service rep to Director of Marketing in just a few years. In 2003 he helped CEO Elda Argenti launch Plantogen, a plant derived skincare company from New Zealand before joining another skincare company in 2009 helping CEO Mitch Bloom transform his tanning solutions brand into a platform of education and business change.  A teacher, a cheerleader, and a designer with a keen mind and talent in almost ever sector of business, Ken has worked closely with Metro founder, Paul Wilkes since 2006 in transforming Metro’s marketing approach and launching Metro’s virtual presence for the first time.