Benvenue Street, Wellesley

Located in the suburban Benvenue Street neighborhood of Wellesley, this typical New England style home had become dated over the decades and desperately needed a renovation to bring it back to its former grandeur. Additionally, because the existing building was constructed on a corner lot, this allowed Metro’s team to expand the footprint of the home and also build a stately 3 car garage!

“We took advantage of the positioning of existing building on a corner lot and created several additions in different sections utilizing lot footprint in relation to positioning of existing building.”  – Paul Wilkes

Scope of Project

  • Half-acre corner lot
  • Family room addition, first floor
  • Master Bedroom suite, second floor
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Six Bathrooms
  • Six Bedrooms
  • Library
  • Constructed three dormers on front roof frame
  • Complete gut and renovation of all existing interior spaces
  • Three car garage with room above with access from existing building
  • Rear mudroom entry leading into garage
  • New HVAC system for all spaces
  • New electrical system with complete new wiring
  • Reconstructed existing second level floor frame due to inadequate existing construction
  • Complete exterior makeover of all components

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