Hewlett Street, Boston

A vacant, but buildable lot next to a single family home in the Hewlett Street neighborhood of Boston offered the property owners a unique opportunity to capitalize on existing unused space and create a valuable condominium property. Metro’s team got to work and delivered two beautiful condominiums with private courtyards with 1400 sq. ft. of living space in each unit.
“Often times when children grow and leave home, a family is left with considerable unnecessary space. In this instance, this condo allows the family to downsize and simplify their lifestyle and sell the main home.”  – Paul Wilkes
Scope of Project
  • Created a more simplified life style for the parent while rear unit was sold to daughter.
  • Two –1400 sq. ft. condominiums
  • Finished basements
  • Rear Unit has overlooking balcony to living room from Master Bedroom
  • Fenced in Private Courtyards
  • Individual Front Porches
  • 14′ Windows with circle tops looking out beyond two-story fireplace in living room at rear unit.

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