Ivanhoe Street, Newton

This is the story of Phil and Leslie, power players in the hotel industry and their experience with Metropolitan Building Systems.

Located in the suburban Ivanhoe Street neighborhood of Newton, this center entrance brick colonial was expanded and renovated by Metropolitan Building Systems. Phil and Leslie had a dated family room that didn’t blend or do justice to the classic and stunning details of the rest of their home. It was clear that at one point in time a more spacious floor plan had been desired by previous homeowners, however resources were limited to seamlessly integrate this addition into the existing structure.

Working with the Metro Team, this add-on eye sore was demolished and a new foot print laid down for a more integrated family room on the first floor and a sumptuous second floor master bedroom and bathroom. The result is an addition that matches the period and detail throughout the rest of house and is indistinguishable from the existing structure, both inside and out.

“Both Phil and Leslie were very involved in the project in a nice way…very nice people to work with. This job is an amazing display of continuing the look of the existing into the new and maintaining the level of detail and architecture throughout. It was an excellent display of matching existing style for a seamless result.”  – Paul Wilkes

Scope of Project

  • New big family room on first floor, new master bedroom and bath on the second floor with walk-in closets & dressing areas, as well as a laundry room
  • Remodeled bedroom on second floor
  • Changed windows through the whole house
  • Light basic renovations throughout the home
  • Built in workstation
  • Custom built-in bookcases
  • Changed and upgrade the mechanical/HVAC throughout the house
  • Coffered ceiling was designed in the new family room to hide the duct work for the second floor…a well thought out design decision that also had a functional purpose
  • Period arched doorways with custom detail work keystone pediment
  • Bathtub in a projected bay brick and wood window

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