Leland Road, Chestnut Hill

Located in the suburban Leland Road neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, this cape style home had a dated appearance. Though the home had a very small footprint, the construction of the dormers allowed for an entire second level to be added the home dramatically increasing the living space. Metro’s team updated this tired cape into something much more up to date, with space to accommodate the growing needs of the family. Read more about Metro’s evolution of the project and the experience of homeowner’s just like yourself below.
“The homeowners didn’t have the land to extend the building, so the only logical thing to do was to go up. To stay within the parameters of their budget we left the construction of the entire roof, but modified a portion of it to add the dormers. The result was just enough head room to allow for that entire finished second level without tearing off the entire roof.”  – Paul Wilkes
Scope of Project
  • Exterior facelift for a more up to date Cape
  • Renovated entire second story without removal of the entire roof
  • Added to and changed the configuration of the gable end windows
  • Constructed dormers
  • Reconfigured roofline on the front entrance for a grander entryway
  • Replaced all siding & roofing components

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